PostGIS - ArcMap Connector Project


Develop, test and implement an Open Source solution for ESRI's ArcMap (part of ArcView/ArcInfo version 8.x) that allows it to interact with data from the Open Source PostGIS spatial database (an extension of the PostgreSQL database).  


The solution will include a set of modules for the Visual Basic for Applications language that sits behind ArcMap.  This direction may change in the future.  The project will be distributed as an ArcMap project/documents (aka .mxd file) and as a set of VBA code modules.

** 19-Sep-03 -- A windows setup file is now available.  It installs PgArc as an ArcMap extension.  The file is still considered beta and includes known bugs, but works well in general.  Download link is at the bottom of the page. **

Current Status

A usable prototype has been released to the development team and is being reviewed, tested and fine-tuned.
A beta version prototype is expected to be released this Summer with a fully supported public version later in the Fall.

Helping Out

Are you a developer or ArcMap programmer that would like to help out?  Contact one of the project managers and describe your qualifications, interest and area of application.  We also need people to write documentation, test the software and package things up nicely.   One interesting component is that of language support.  If you can write a language other than French or English, we could use you to help us build up our dictionary.


If you are not interested in hacking away at source code, please wait until the above-mentioned public version release.  To reduce frustration and avoid leaving a bad taste in anyone's mouth, we are holding back code until it has been thoroughly tested by the development team.  There is an "original" (pre-alpha) release available but you should wait until a version 1 release becomes available.


Pgarc project page on Sourceforge:

Extension setup package:

See Extension setup notes at: